The Cheesemongery


I choose foods because they are excellent. And because my shop is small, that is all I have space for.

Our cheesemongery is at the centre of my business:
  •  The Best Cheddars: Montgomery's, Westcombe, Keens, Quickes Vintage, global benchmarks in cheddar quality
  • The Best Regional & British Blues: Dorset Blue Vinney, Cornish Blue Traditional rennet (World Cheese Awards winner 2010), Beenleigh Blue, Colston Basset Stilton
  • The Best Sheeps: Wigmore, Agours 12month Ossau Iraty (World Cheese Awards winner 2006 and 2011), Le Vieux Berger Roquefort
  • The Best Goats: Woolsery from Cerne Abbas, Swaledale goats (Great Taste Awards finalist 2010)
  • The Best Europeans: A Dolce Gorgonzola so good it i think it is the best in the world, Von Muhlenen Gruyere which has won the World Cheese Awards a unique three times, a 24 Month Emmental that is to regular emmental what brandy is to wine.
And not just our cheeses:
George McCartney's corned beef won the Great Taste Awards in 2011 and is so good you will never eat canned corned beef again.  Mrs Mack's Poppy Seed salad dressing, unique locally, Sally Deedes' Figues en Folies, the best fig product i have EVER tasted, and available only the UK in Turnbulls: these are the foods we sell.
But at Turnbulls we do more than just put product on shelves for you to put in your shopping trolley: we make sure they are in peak form. You wont believe it, but I stock the same Brie de Meaux (Rouzaire, I've been there) as Waitrose, but ours tastes a world better.  With cheese its condition, its journey to your table, is as essential as its provenance. So it is my job to present them to you in such good condition that even cheeses you already know will taste better - at the peak of their ability.  
You could say I am here to pimp your cheese. Come test me.


Charlie T