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We are here to make your life easier.

Our menus:


  • Turnbulls at Home, Ready Meal Service
  • Picnic & Cold Buffet Menu
  • DIY Canapé Suggestions

    We make dishes straight for your oven, and prepare picnics and buffets to order for any numbers.  Our cooks can do the complicated recipes, but nine out of ten of the requests we get are for simple home made dishes like cottage pies, lasagnes, quiches, salads, cheese bards and puddings.

    Why might you call us?

    • Parties!
    • Picnics, Glyndebourne style, for the school sports day or buffet spreads for the whole team
    • Filling up for the holidays
    • Surprise guests for the weekend
    • The family back for half term
    • Freezer filling
    • Making canapés easier

    Turnbulls can simply cope with it all without fuss, and make it tasty and filling into the bargain, and all with local ingredients and freshly prepared.  Our menus give prices for smaller numbers. If your have something larger planned, give Chef a call and we can do a deal.

    You know its freshly and properly cooked with real ingredients, good for you and your family.  No colourings, preservatives or any of the rest.

    A note from Charlie on Outside Catering

    We don’t generally bring people to your home to cook for you, be it dinner parties or big weddings.  But we can provide the food, and recommend catering people to you.  We are very well connected to other local chefs.


    And we are always keen to help.


    And we do a great line in cheese wedding cakes.  

    Our menus again...